As a therapist, Mary Beth is passionate about guiding millennials in modern mental health, which she defines as support that is accessible and relatable so that there is an increase in healing. A main focus of her practice is helping teens and young adults understand how to navigate boundaries and individuation if they are in an enmeshed family system. Enmeshment occurs when there is a lack of boundaries, often rooted in a parent (often the mother) getting her emotional needs met by her children, rather than from a partner or friends. This dynamic prevents young adults from easily voicing their own needs, wants or desires because the expectation puts the parent’s needs above theirs. Mary Beth shares strategies, tools and insights on how to shift out of these unhealthy patterns so that they can develop healthy relational dynamics in their future. If you are someone who has been affected by an enmeshed family system or would like to support someone who you know is, then this episode is for you!


About Mary Beth: Mary Beth Somich is a licensed therapist with a group private practice located in North Carolina called Your Journey Through. She completed her graduate training at Columbia University and specializes in family dynamic work with teens and adults. Mary Beth is passionate about promoting modern mental health and making therapy accessible and relatable. She offers courses and business coaching to therapists to help them expand their reach on social media, build thriving private practices, and generate passive income streams. 



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