It has become evident to both John and I that at the root of all happy and fulfilled relationships are deep connections. Connection is something that we all say we want and yet not many of us know how to actually achieve it in a way that is truly fulfilling and sustainable. In this episode, we share some stories from our recent trip to Africa that highlight the importance and value of connection. We also share personal anecdotes from our own relationship, in our journey to develop deeper connection with one another, as well as some patterns and experiences that we see with clients, in which connection is not achieved, compromised, or simply not existent. The good news is that the tools to achieve deeply connected relationships are learnable. And John and I are excited to be offering new ways for which you can learn more about yourself, the barriers to your own ability to connect vulnerably and authentically with others, as well as relational tools to strengthen any partnership that has the desire to grow. If you are someone who wants a happier and more fulfilling relationship, then this episode is for you.


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