After having a traumatic accident while pregnant with her 3rd daughter, Lindsay O’neill had no choice but to find a path that led her to lasting health. Coming from a career in tech, to then becoming certified in culinary medicine, she was able to reverse her autoimmune conditions, and ultimately founded a company to help others embody health through mindfulness, meals, movement, and magic, which are the spiritual and supportive tools to shift your energy to heal. In this conversation we talk about the power of gratitude, why addressing the root of your pain is the key to releasing it, and how powerful 9 months can be to create a lasting transformation. If you are someone who has spent too much time looking in the rear view mirror, and is ready to face in the direction of healing and growth, then this episode is for you.


About Lindsay: Lindsay O’Neill is the founder of Small Hinges Health, Certified Culinary Medicine Chef, Wellness Coach, Board Member #HalfTheStory, Partner Ammortal, TedX Speaker and career Ai/Data Technologist. During her 20+ year career in tech, she was hailed by Forbes, CBS News and Crain’s NY as a top entrepreneur.


Lindsay has run teams that built platforms to automate marketing decisions using Big Data in milliseconds! So when she got sick with a chronic inflammatory disease, she turned to her expertise in data collection and utilization to help figure out the cause of her illness and address it effectively. Lindsay’s Trademarked Small Hinges Method utilizes efficacious data to identify the most important, yet simple, changes to make your diet and lifestyle for optimal health, happiness and longevity.


She believes that you DON’T have to change everything to change everything – small hinges swing the big door of positive change. Lindsay joined the Ammortal team in 2023 to pair her passion and expertise in “fuel” (culinary medicine) with “energy” for transformational healing of the masses.

IG: @smallhinges @lindzoneill


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