Here’s the true story of two therapists who fell in love, struggled in their relationship with some repetitive, seemingly unbreakable patterns that lead to a painful breakup and how they eventually healed to be better than ever. In this Season 5 opener, me and my now-again fiancé, Dr. John Schinnerer, share our very vulnerable journey over the past year of what led to our breakup and how we were able to come back together. We always knew love isn’t enough, and our love for one another was never in question. However, an accumulation of small hurts, combined with wounds and traumas from our past and childhood got in the way of us being able to be fully authentic, vulnerable and ultimately able to hear one another. Despite our education, training and careers, we found ourselves in the painful (and common!) anxious-avoidant dance that many couples get into. And after a couple of months apart, realizing that we were the only ones for each other, we committed to doing the deep work of healing, which has led us to being better than ever, along with the ability to have created new patterns that reflect our love and devotion to growth and a healthy partnership. It is our hope that our honesty inspires other couples to courageously embark on the journey of healing so that you can have the fulfilling and connected relationship you desire.


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