Have you ever felt like you’re doing all the “right” things but still aren’t getting to where you want to be in your life? Or like you are following a formula for success, and you are seeing others achieve their goals but you’re not quite reaching yours? If you have experienced this, you are not alone…and probably are looking in all the wrong areas for the solution. In this week’s episode, I interview Melissa Wright, who as an expert in Human Design, explains what Human Design is and how you can use it to understand yourself and how to live in full alignment with your purpose. Your Human Design is your mental, emotional and sacral life force energy that is impacted by cosmos from the moment of your birth and it activates traits specific to you. When you get a reading done, it’ll show you how you can harness your strengths and personality to reach your full potential in the way in which you are uniquely designed. When you are not in alignment with who you actually are, you likely will keep spinning your wheels and never quite achieve that which you seek. In this episode, Melissa explains the basics of Human Design, as well as how to get out of your head and allow your logic and reason to take a back seat so you can tune into your deeper Knowing. If you are someone who feels out of alignment and doesn’t feel like they have achieved their life’s purpose, then this episode is for you.


About Melissa: I was Divinely guided to Human Design and I will be forever grateful. I learned that I had spent my whole life trying to accomplish my goals using strategies that would never work for my Human Design type. I discovered how to release the pressure to do things the way other people were doing them and to finally honor my own unique Design and natural gifts and talents. 


Even though I spent more than 20 years seeking answers, learning every online business strategy available and pursuing many Certifications like my Law of Attraction Coaching Certification and Reiki Master Teacher Certification, it always felt like the answers I was seeking were always just out of reach…Until I discovered Human Design.


Human Design has changed my life so dramatically that I feel I have no choice but to do my best to share this life changing information with as many people as possible. I was able to leave my 6 figure soul-sucking job, start doing my purpose driven work full-time, finally create deeper, genuine relationships in my life, and (probably most importantly) quiet the inner mean girl inside of my head.


My business partner Alison and I have focused on introducing other women who feel like there is something missing in their life to Human Design through our company Guided Life By Design through Individual readings, live events, courses and retreats. We believe that before any great Success Story there is first a Surrender Story, and the greatest surrender you can do is to your Human Design.


Free Human Design resources:

https://chart.guidedlifebydesign.com/ Free custom Human Design Alignment map based on your Human Design chart




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