I don’t think there is anyone who has never experienced the pain of a break-up. It can be one of the most debilitating and devastating things we go through, and can sometimes even prevent us from opening up our hearts to others. Or, breakups can lead to breakthroughs, if we have the awareness and ability to look at ourselves and gain insight and understanding into how not only we can heal, but how we can learn how to grow and be a more evolved, mature self in our next relationship. In this episode, I talk with heartbreak coach Keishorne Scott, who after a difficult breakup over a decade ago learned how to heal, love himself and grow into becoming the partner that he wanted to be. We talk about what healing actually means and how to begin the steps to healing after heartbreak, and how to recognize when you’ve done the healing work enough to begin to move on. Keishorne also vulnerably shares his journey of becoming a stronger man, how to reach out for support to other men, how to take self-inventory so that he can be a better partner, and the value of going to therapy. He also gives tips on how to stay thriving in relationship including the value of weekly check-ins and some helpful questions you can ask your partner during those check-ins. If you are someone who values doing the work to be the best version of yourself in relationship, then this episode is for you.


About Keishorne: Keishorne Scott is a bestselling author, social media creator, relationship and heartbreak expert, speaker, and serial entrepreneur, hailing from Brooklyn, New York. He is a passionate, committed individual who is devoted to providing optimal care and communication to his clients. Having gained a massive following on social media, Keishorne’s thought-provoking posts, videos, and coaching has been the catalyst for many to build stronger relationships, explore their authenticity in relationships, and gain awareness and healing from heartbreaks.


Keishorne’s success in writing, speaking, and coaching has gained him widespread recognition and praise, with him being featured on multiple media outlets such as Forbes, Good Morning America, BBC Radio, News 12, Rolling Out Magazine, ABC News, ABC World News Now, FOX News, Fox 2 Now, MSN.com, Tamron Hall, and Marriage.com. He has a variety of interpersonal/personal relationship strategies that he offers to assist with improving relationships and has been credited with driving many millennials to stable relationships. 


Keishorne is a highly esteemed and influential figure in the relationship and heartbreak field, and continues to grow his brand as his collective social media following continues to expand. He is devoted to providing the best care and communication to his clients and continues to strive for excellence in his work.







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