You are not too f***king old to do what you f***king what! This is the motto that Jen Marples lives by as she is a champion for mid-life women to live a life of purpose, passion and ease. After having gone through a sh*t-storm of a few years, running a successful PR firm and raising 3 young kids, she had the breakdown that led to the breakthrough resulting in the question of “who am I outside of my roles?” It is all too common and easy for women to just keep going despite the negative impact it has on their health, mental health or relationships. Jen got herself to a place of stability, through therapy, yoga, stillness as well as stepping out of her comfort zone to do things alone so that she could allow serendipity to step in, and now she coaches women on how to do the same. Jen supports women in how to pivot and in this episode walks through the steps you can take to come from a place of joy and ease, how to trust and surrender to the Universe, and how to thrive in mid-life in preparation for the 2nd half being the best half of our lives. If you are someone who has felt burnt out and seeks to live a life filled with more flow and less force, then this episode is for you.


About Jen: Jen is a champion of the midlife woman and a cheerleader for ALL women. She’s an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, podcaster, coach, and leader in the midlife women’s empowerment movement. She puts midlife women first and preaches: You’re Not Too F***ing Old! to do whatever the F you want! Jen hosts The Jen Marples Show podcast, recently featured in Marin Magazine, Tiburon Belvedere Magazine, and Malibu Magazine. The show is dedicated to helping and inspiring midlife women embrace and rock the second and best half of life. With over 100 episodes published to date, Jen has interviewed celebrities, experts, and authors and shared valuable business and life advice. Jen is an accomplished 25+ years marketing executive who ran her successful SF-based firm, Koa Communications, for 12 years. She’s been helping women for decades achieve life and career success and currently offers 1×1 private coaching, masterminds, workshops, and events and is a frequent speaker nationwide. She lives in Marin County with her husband and three teens and can be found chilling out most days in a hot yoga class. 


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