Do you ever have a desire, want something to manifest in your life or set an intention for how you’d like your life to unfold? I know your answer is most certainly a YES! And, of all the desires or intentions you set, how many of them would you say actually come to fruition? My guess is that you’d most likely say only a few have actually worked out the way that you hoped, am I right? What if I told you that it was possible to get more of what you want, more of the time, would you believe me? What if I shared the ways for you to actually achieve your desires, would you engage in those practices? In this episode, I share the wisdom I gained during my recent journey of being on a 9-day Abraham-Hicks cruise; I explain who Abraham-Hicks is, what the Law of Attraction is, why it matters, and how you can practice it. I’ll cover my top take-aways such as how to tune into your emotions as an indicator of whether you are in alignment with your desires, how to stop controlling the outcomes and emotional experiences of others, why patience is so important to getting what you want, and how to align your thoughts, beliefs, narratives and deliberate action with that which you are seeking. If you are someone who wants to create your own reality, then this episode is for you.

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