To have soul path guidance is to discover the inner treasures that are being revealed in our lives but that we often ignore. We all have those little nudges inside of us that are trying to awaken us to growth and change, but we are so good at not paying attention to them. We have selective listening and don’t often do the work to notice what is trying to get our attention, since then we may have to make a different choice, and change can be hard. And yet, when we decide to listen to those internal nudges, and are open to the question of “how am I being called forth in this moment for me to know what is next?” then we can take aligned action that supports our soul’s purpose. In this episode, I talked with Pamela Johnson, who guides her clients into attunement of the 12 archetypes that are guiding us towards specific experiences, so that we can trust how our path is unfolding and become more active participants in our journey. If you are someone who wants to learn how to harness the messages you are receiving and how to align deeper with your soul’s purpose, then this episode is for you.


More about Pamela: Pamela is the founder of SoulPATH Guidance. She is a Transformational Life Coach, CMED (Caroline Myss Educational Institute) Mentor, Enneagram Teacher, Soul Archetypal Consultant and Spiritual Coach. Her calling is to help you discover your inner treasure, become an agent for positive change in your life, and empower the authority of your soul. 

Decades of experience with practical, creative, and spiritual studies establishes Pamela’s unique approach to her work as a spiritual director, guide, teacher, and facilitator. In addition to mentoring at CMED, she holds a faculty position and master level certification from The Deep Coaching Institute and is a teacher/senior mentor for other Enneagram Coaches. She also contributes to the emerging work with The Deep Living Lab (Enneagram + Spiritual nonprofit) as a facilitator and coach. 

Through deep listening, Pamela supports your ability to explore the depths of your soul, deepen courage, discover inner wisdom, and embark on the adventure of the inner work needed to bring your soul gifts to earth. Sharing embodied teachings that were foundational in supporting Pamela’s journey to wholeness after 9/11, she is incredibly grateful for this powerful work in her own life and honored to witness in clients.

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