There are so many modalities we use to heal our traumas, process our lives and make sense of the current season we are moving through. In this week’s podcast episode, I talk with Michelle Dench, who is an intuitive astrologer, and uses her gifts and passion of reading the astrological birth chart along with her insights for healing in relationship and family patterns to guide her clients in healing. She so beautifully explains how our lives our impacted by the seasons – the changes of light and dark – and how when we can come to know ourselves and our relationships more deeply through a deeper understanding of the alignment of the energies from the stars and planets, we can be more attuned with the process of the soul. Michelle shares the impact of the once in a lifetime shifts occurring this month – March 2023 – with the ending of a 248-year cycle of Pluto and the end of a 30-year cycle of Saturn, namely that we are on the precipice of irrevocable change. She even pulls up my chart and gives me a short personal reading, so the listener can begin to see her magic at work. If you are someone who is curious about the ways in which astrological insight can help guide us in growing, healing and expanding in ways we’ve never done before, then this episode is for you.


About Michelle: Michelle Dench is an Intuitive Astrologer, she sees Astrology as a tool for Evolution, Healing and Insight. Her expertise is in looking at Relationships and Family patterns in the Birth Chart, for the purpose of healing and love. She is a Mother of three, and a student of A Course in Miracles. She is an artist, practices meditation, while devoting her life to raising children, practicing partnership and building community. Michelle serves as the Treasurer & Vice president of NCGR San Francisco, and the Administrator of the Jeffrey Wolfe Green Association of Evolutionary Astrologers. 


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