Joree muses and reflects on the 4th of July about what our personal freedoms looks and feels like: Independence – what does that mean to you? What were your visions of what it meant to be independent growing up? Was it freedom to make your own choices, or having your own thoughts? Was it able to go somewhere or do something on your own? Was it in relation to freedom to be yourself – separate from your family, religion or expectations placed on you?

Or do you consider the freedom you have within your own mind? Do your thoughts take over and define you? Are you free from anxiety, stress, depression, body-image issues, self-worth, or habits of being in bad relationships. What about freedom in how you spend your time? Do you have a job that you love or fulfills you or do you feel stuck and confined in shoulds?

What about your relationships with a partner, spouse or loved one? Are you free to be you? I know that all relationships come with compromise and boundary setting, but to what extent are you free to be you? What does independence look like in relationships or in your family, how to be free from negative thoughts or emotions that might rule you and how to be free from toxicity in our lives.


After the free association of thoughts regarding freedom and independence, Joree offers a framework to help you get unstuck from those patterns that might be holding you back. This 6-step guide will help you live your life fully and freely.

Download the free guide now: Get Unstuck. Stay Unstuck. Be Happy.

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