Have you ever felt like everything is going well in your life and yet you are feeling off? When we can learn to ride the waves of emotions through the hills and valleys of our life, we can find greater peace and happiness. And when we find riding those waves challenging, it’s helpful to cultivate the skills and tools to become a self-leader, giving you more agency over your own life. In this episode, I talk with Ben Ritter, an organizational leader and coach who guides his clients on how to live for themselves. We talk through the power of gaining greater clarity on what you want in your life, including uncovering your core values and envisioning an aligned future, how to build more confidence through developing a positive mindset and overcoming limiting beliefs, and how to gain greater control over your environment by showing up consistently in your day to day life. If you are someone who wants to be accountable and empowered in all that you do so that you live for yourself, then be sure to check out this episode.

About Ben: Dr. Benjamin Ritter, founder of Live for Yourself Consulting, is a leadership and career coach, Talent Development Executive, values geek, international speaker, and podcaster, who’s passionate about guiding leaders to be the leader of their own career and create a career they love. 

With over 10 years of experience working with clients from companies such as Amazon, Coursera, Doordash, Google, Fiserv, Northwestern, Pinterest, and Yelp, Ben understands how to navigate any career path you decide you want to travel. 

From empowering professionals to get unstuck, to guiding senior leadership on how to stand out from the competition, develop executive presence, and feel confident in being a leader, Ben is an expert in his field and will guide you toward truly living for yourself at work and in life.

Ben received his Doctorate in Organizational Leadership with a focus on value congruence and job satisfaction and earned an MBA in entrepreneurial management, and an MPH in health policy administration.




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