In this week’s episode I talk with Heather, for the second time, because I have witnessed her in such a beautiful journey and wanted to share her story again. Heather‘s story has shifted as life has had different plans for her and her kids when she went from being a high-powered coach to now being a widow coach after the death of her husband in 2018. She shares very vulnerably what grief feels like, the isolation, dreams for her future, how to speak her truth even when it’s hard or she doesn’t know what to hold onto, the difference between grief and sadness and suffering, but most importantly how to transform yourself through your grief and how you can carry on the life and memory of your loved ones. Heather is an inspiration and a guide to other widows who are seeking to find a light in the dark during the hardest experience a family can go through. If you or someone you know is experiencing grief and loss I need a resource and inspiration and please check out this episode.


About Heather: After teaching women in business for over a decade, I sold my million dollar sales organization, closed my business coaching practice, and let my life change my career path.


“Life” was the sudden loss of my husband, Larry, in 2018.


I’ve taken my unique approach and awareness of grief and poured it into widows and grieving hearts online. As the founder of Real Widowhood, I help widows move forward from the darkness, make peace with his death, and intentionally create a life that’s beautiful again.


Follow her on IG: @heatherquisel 

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