In this episode, Joree vulnerably shares a reflection on the challenges and hardships that she faced at the end of 2022, and how she ultimately learned the biggest and some of the hardest, yet most profound lessons. Learning how to reframe her struggles into questions such as, “how would I respond differently if I knew this was in service of my highest self?” and instead of asking “why is this happening?” ask instead, “what am I here to learn?” was one of the tools that grounded her most when everything was shifting, changing and she felt a loss of control. Having gotten through this difficult season allowed Joree to choose a clear intention for 2023, which is alignment. Often we get stuck in our own way (by holding on to old narratives, patterns or mindsets) and don’t realize that we are facing in the opposite direction of our desires, which takes us out of alignment, and therefore into more suffering. If you are someone who has struggled during a challenging time and want inspiration and tools to grow through it, and how to ultimately align with yourself and your intentions, then this episode is for you.

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