Would you consider yourself a storyteller? We actually tell stories all the time; tell our loved ones about our day, something that happened to you as a kid, or even about something you’re excited for in the future. What you may not realize, is that storytelling connects you to others. And there is also power to define your own authenticity through your stories. In this episode, I exchange stories with Sarah Elkins and she shares beautiful ways to realign our identities, continue to explore authenticity, and significant ways we can harness connections with others. 


More about Sarah:

Sarah is your guide to uncovering the right personal stories for the right audiences so executives, leaders, public speakers, and job seekers can clearly and effectively demonstrate their character, values, and vision.


Sarah Elkins is a storyteller, keynote speaker, author, and Gallup certified StrengthsFinder workplace communication coach. Her workshops and coaching packages with in-person and remote teams and their leaders are known to address and reduce miscommunication – the most common cause of tension and stress in the workplace. Using the team’s results from the StrengthsFinder assessment, she guides conversations to ensure work relationships are based on knowing & valuing each other’s strengths, and connecting with each other on the most basic level through story sharing and effective listening.


You can learn more about her education and background in public sector, hospitality, and other industries on her website at elkinsconsulting.com.

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