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Jaime Morgan is a relationship and personal growth coach who has grown from her own life experiences of going through a divorce and coming through the other side, to help women and couples do the same. Gottman-trained, Jaime uses the scientifically-backed tools to help her clients thrive in relationships, and in this conversation, we delve into some of her favorite and most effective tools. We have so much in common and are aligned in our mission; this conversation, full of mindfulness, self-awareness, insight and growth, is for anyone who is wanting to live fully in their relationships. 


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Jaime Morgan is a certified life coach and a Gottman Method trained relationship coach. Combining her academic & past personal experiences of her own struggles of failed marriage Jaime has a huge passion for helping couples & divorced women to thrive again in their lives & relationships through action-oriented coaching! Jaime believes that nobody has to settle when it comes to happiness and fulfillment! 


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