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Do you ever find yourself in repeating patterns – perhaps in your relationships, career or family- in which you get stuck asking yourself, “Why does ______ keep happening to me?” This is a common reaction to patterns we don’t like. In fact, this question of “WHY?” is resistance to accepting what is actually happening. When we get stuck in patterns of resistance, another opportunity is available to us: rather than asking “WHY?” we can choose to ask, “What am I here to learn from this?” This wisdom-based question gets us out of a pattern of reactivity, and into mindful, conscious, curiosity to see not only our role in the repetition of patterns, but the source of those root patterns. Join Joree on a journey of self-discovery in which she shares how her recent challenges – including getting COVID for a 3rd time – has offered her the opportunity to get still and really dig deep through patterns of transgenerational trauma and family-of-origin worldviews to understand the repetition of patterns that have been keeping her stuck. With this awareness, Joree has been able to gain insight into the patterns and beliefs that she is no longer available to continue, and then learn the powerful step of reframing what she isn’t available for to clearly stating what she is available for. This is deep, a bit esoteric, yet powerful work that will free you from the tethers that are holding you back so that you can be free to live fully, with authenticity, abundance and fulfillment. 


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