If you’re a mother, then you know what I mean when I say that motherhood is a mindf*ck. What a crazy and wild journey it is to give everything of yourself to raise another human, with the intention to launch them into the world, and then feel a significant transition once they’ve left the home. In this episode Joree shares her very vulnerable transition she’s in right now as she just recently launched both of her daughters; her 16-year-old is on a semester abroad in Israel and her older one just started college. Joree muses on the various and competing emotions: it’s a “soup of and”… feeling pride and grief, excitement and sadness, even jealousy and a bit of loneliness, and more! More importantly Joree guides the listener to see this point in life as an opportunity, and openness, a gift to re-discover who you are outside of your role of being a mom. Questions such as: what do I want? What do I like? What do I need? 


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