If you want to join John and I on a relationship retreat in Costa Rica, in April 2023, here is all the info: https://joreerose.com/retreats/costa-rica/


John and I are back for another joint episode on how to be better in relationships. Oftentimes, we consider what this means by looking at our interpersonal skills, communication patterns, love languages, triggers, previous traumas, tools for connection and so on. And while all of that is important and necessary, the foundation of being in better relationship with others – whether it’s your partner, children, parents, friends, coworkers – is to be in a healthy relationship with yourself. In this episode, John vulnerably shares a story of his own healing, both physically (which is honestly, nothing short of a miracle!) and emotionally. I also share the work that I’ve done and still do, to be a whole and complete person, because it’s only then that we are able to show up fully for another. In absence of doing our own work, it’s easy to externalize too many of our needs on others, which can compromise the balance and integrity of the relationship. We also share exciting news of a retreat that we are hosting in Costa Rica April 22-29, 2023 – click on the link to learn more.

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