After losing her mom at age 25, Melissa spent over ten years struggling with her pain and grief, which ended up resulting in overwhelming anxiety. Once Covid hit, all the emotions that she had tried to not face came to the surface and she finally stepped towards processing her emotions of trauma and loss. Therapy helped her from feeling alone in her struggles and being unsure of her purpose to living being the “real Melissa” – a woman who wasn’t afraid of being vulnerable, facing her shame and guilt, and learning to tune into compassion. She now knows that it’s through stillness, calmness and presence that we can allow ourselves to heal and feel, and is now inspired to have more conversations with others to help them do the same.


Melissa’s bio: After losing her Mom at the age of 25, she would spend the next ten years not processing the trauma, losing her self confidence along the way, and feeling alone in her struggles. This all came to a head in 2020 when the whole world was hurting, Melissa decided to turn her pain into her purpose and start healing. Simultaneously while starting therapy, she started thinking about her true purpose in life. She looked out into the world and saw other people hurting as well, and wanted to help. Now she puts joy back into people’s hearts through her podcast, The Bright Side of Life, where she talks to people that have successfully navigated their way back to joy and happiness despite their struggles, pain and grief.


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