Marriage and family therapist turned relationship coach, Kama Hurley, and I are on the same page when it comes to manifesting the relationship you’re wanting. This episode covers so many valuable tools for anyone struggling to find the right person, or maintaining a strong relationship with the one you do have. After a series of unhealthy relationships and health issues, Kama realized she had to step back and slow down to not only manage her stress, but to awaken to what was not working in her life. She now guides women to work through their own stuff and let go of attachment to predetermined expectations so they can become more authentic and aligned. We talk about how from that place of clarity, you can choose a life in which you feel whole, complete and content and ultimately be able to attract the right person into their life, while repelling the wrong ones. If you want to get out of the same old patterns of relationship and find the right person who adds to your life, then this episode is for you.   Kama’s bio:

Kama Hurley has been working in the psychology field for the last 20 years. As a licensed counselor she runs a thriving private practice in Boise, Idaho and provides coaching to women who are ready to find healthy, committed relationships and break old unhealthy patterns. Kama uses several modalities in her psychotherapy and coaching practices including tools from neurosciences, EMDR, CBT and mindfulness. Using this eclectic tool box, paired with individualized treatment, she is able to get her clients get transformative results quickly. 


Learn more about Kama:

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