If you have ever felt “off” and wasn’t sure what to blame it on, there’s a good chance that your hormones were out of balance, wreaking all sorts of havoc in areas of your body that you may not think were related. In this episode, I talk with Dr. Brandi Moore, who is a naturopathic doctor passionate about teaching others to understand their hormones, and it was one of my favorite interviews EVER! We cover the impact on low testosterone for men, and what it means to have estrogen dominance for women. And I think most importantly, why managing your stress, and therefore your cortisol levels, are so important for maintaining optimal health. If you are someone who is interested in how to truly be healthy from the inside out, then don’t miss this conversation!


Brandi’s bio:

Dr. Brandi is a Naturopathic Doctor and hormone expert whose health changed significantly when she was able to balance her own hormones. She now guides other women along the same path. Educating them on their hormones , so they can have regular periods, be balanced emotionally, lose weight, and prepare their bodies for pregnancy (or recover from it). Making it easier for them to find the same balance and healthful peace.


To learn more about Brandi:




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