Are you ‘vanilla coasting’ in your life? This week’s guest, Samara Zelniker, defines vanilla coasting as being mediocre or too comfortable in your life, which can lead people to often stay stuck in their “shoulds.” Creating change is generally not easy; it can make us uncomfortable and requires the skills of listening to the whispers of our intuition and leaping into the unknown. Samara, a yoga and mindfulness teacher, guides others to look at their lives through the lens of possibility, rather than feeling stuck and misaligned. In this fun and insightful conversation, Samara and I talk about how to find the courage, trust your intuition, and honor the space between your thoughts, emotions and challenging situations, since that’s where the opening for forging a new, more mindful path resides. If you are someone who is seeking to shift your mindset towards alignment, purpose and possibility, then this episode is for you.


Samara’s Bio:

Featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Parsley Health, and Focus TV, Samara Zelniker is a mindfulness coach dedicated to creating resources for leaders to reach their infinite potential.

With over a decade of experience teaching yoga, meditation and mindfulness, Samara’s coaching philosophy melds western wisdom with ancient eastern techniques and combines neuroscience and emotional intelligence tools into practical applications. Her coaching programs, retreats, and online SHIFTAcademy helps businesses and leaders discover their innate talents and strip away the non-essential behaviors that get in the way of their greatness and wellbeing.

Samara is a native of Montreal, Canada living in Los Angeles with her husband and their dog, Frankie.


Link to learn more:

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