So not only is Dr. John an amazing executive coach who teaches men the skills of emotional awareness, communication, and the skills to become happier, he’s also my fiance. We were lucky enough to find one another 6 years ago, when we were dating, post-divorce, and share a passion for teaching others the skills to live their best life. In this podcast episode, that is co-branded with John’s podcast, The Evolved Caveman, we not only talk our experience dating post-divorce prior to meeting each other, but we give some very practical tips, tools and advice that we give to our clients about how to navigate dating apps, first dates, how to not get too attached too quickly, how soon to date after separating, how to figure out what it is that you are really wanting in a new partner, and so much more. We share parts of our story of when we met along with some of our memorial dating experiences. The key when dating is to stay authentic, curious and have an open, abundant mindset, along with knowing your list of top values of what you are looking for, as well as deal-breakers. This is the first of an ongoing series in which John and I will do joint podcasts.


To learn more about John:

IG: @theevolvedcaveman

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