You might be wondering, what even is a sexologist? Well, it’s someone who educates people on what to do with their bodies and talk about how they feel about it. In this episode, I talk with Megan Stubbs, who is on a mission to guide people in how to be in better relationship to themselves, their sexuality, their partners and their bodies. We talk about how to begin the journey of self-exploration (especially if you’ve never given yourself that permission), tools for creating deeper connection and conversation with your partner, how to cultivate greater arousal and vulnerability even if you’ve never had that, and how to take the steps of overcoming trauma. This open, insightful and important conversation highlights the value of talking about sex, your needs, and your body without shame or judgment. Megan is also author of the new book Playing Without a Partner, A Singles’ Guide to Sex, Dating, and Happiness.


To learn more about Megan: 

Official Website:

Facebook: /DrMeganStubbs

Twitter: @sexologistmegan

Instagram: @sexologistmegan

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