You know that love isn’t enough, right? It’s a hard and inconvenient truth that love in and of itself is not enough to carry a relationship through the ups and downs and vicissitudes of everyday life. And yet, there is no rule book handed to couples on the onset of a new relationship that will clearly guide them in how to manage micro transgressions, poor or ineffective communication, how to reduce the resentment over time, how to reconnect when feeling disconnected, what to do when old traumas resurface, or how to integrate the changes that naturally occur as we age and grow. Relationships are hard. Period. In fact, I’m surprised that they even work at all since we are a bevy of emotions, conditions and environments that impact our ability to show up for ourselves, let alone for our partners. And yet, there are tools that we can learn. In this week’s episode, I talk with Liz Earnshaw, a marriage and family therapist, who is training in Gottman therapy to guide couples in the research-based tools that will create the possibility to thrive in your relationship. It’s a fun, insightful and necessary conversation that I think anyone in a relationship needs to listen to.


To learn more about Liz: Elizabeth Earnshaw, LMFT, CGT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Gottman Therapist. She is also a mom, wife, friend, daughter, sister and colleague – navigating her own relationships just like everyone else.


In addition to writing about relationships on instagram @lizlistens and contributing to online publications like mindbodygreen, Elizabeth is currently writing a book about interdependent relationships that will be published next year.


Elizabeth maintains a private psychotherapist practice for individuals and couples in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (A Better Life Therapy), teaches and trains therapy graduate students and postgraduate students, and runs monthly courses “Love Lessons 365” available online. She frequently speaks to classes, podcasts, and other audiences about building healthy relationships.

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