In this week’s podcast episode, I interview Renee Bauer, a divorce lawyer whose practice guides people in how to be happy even after their divorce. This is an informative and yet important conversation on not only the dissolution of a marriage, but in the various ways couples can go about the process. Renee’s straight-forward approach is in part due to her personal experience of being twice divorced, and her wealth of knowledge brings insight, a plan and a strategy to help people forge into the next chapter of their lives. She has created an amazing divorce course that walks you through the steps anyone would need to know to give them confidence and clarity, which is so important during an emotional time. If you’ve been through any stage of divorce, or know someone who has or is currently going through it, you won’t want to miss this episode. 


Renee’s bio: Ms. Renée Bauer is an award-winning divorce attorney, published author, and founder of the family law firm, Bauer Law Group.Renée’s insights are sought after by local, national and international media outlets, podcasts, and conferences where she speaks on co-parenting, blended family dynamics, relationships, and the art of reinvention. As an accomplished litigator, she boldly educates and inspires women to reclaim their right to happiness through her online course, the d∙course and podcast, Happy Even After.

Despite being a self-proclaimed introvert, Renée believes doing uncomfortable and hard things is something we all have the capacity to breathe though. Her need to share her message is greater than her fear of speaking in crowds. Stay tuned because being on stage as a Tedx speaker is on her short “to do” list even if she is going to have to take lots of deep breaths for that one. Once private and reserved, Renée has stripped away the photo filters to talk candidly about the shame and guilt most women feel in their lives so they can find their own version of Happy Even After.


Connect with Renee on social media:

IG: @msreneebauer


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