Joree is so excited to host her first guest, Jessica Scott, who is a life coach for women, inspiring them to live a life in alignment with their heart and soul. Tune in to hear Jessica’s Journey Forward in realizing that having the “ultimate Instagram body” not only didn’t bring her happiness, but it actually prevented her from living fully and freely. This life-changing shift has positively affected all areas of her life, and after having gained weight, Jessica has never felt happier, more present and more connected, enabling her to fully engage  life. And now she is coaching women how to find their true vibrational peace and happiness, including in their parenting.


Here is Jessica’s bio:


Jessica Scott is a former fitness coach with her bachelors in Biology/pre-Medicine and a degree in mortuary science! She is a nationally qualified figure competitor and ran a successful online fitness coaching business for 5 years. A year and a half ago, her heart lead her elsewhere after a radical spiritual awakening and she stepped away from fitness coaching completely and began mentoring women in her online courses where she shows women how to listen to the unique hollering of their heart and become who they are here to be at a soul level. She is also the co-CEO of Sakred, a woman owned company that creates frequency infused MCT oils that just launched in November 2018. She lives in the country in Illinois with her partner Rick and her 5 year old daughter Scarlett, who in many ways was the impetus of her shift from body centric to soul centric living. Follow her on Instagram or Facebook at @jessicascott

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