Kid's Testimonials
Adult Testimonials

What are the kids saying about Mindfulness?

“Mindfulness is about being in still body. If your teacher asks you to be in a ‘mindful body,’ you know how to slow down and just be still…if you want to.”
~ Emily, age 5

“Mindfulness is not worrying what is happening next, but being aware of what is happening right now.”
~ William, age 7

“The reason we practice our breathing, is because I imagine it’s like why we practice a fire drill. We do fire drills so we know what to do in case of an emergency. I imagine we practice our breathing so we know how to use it when we need it.”
~ Nato, age 8

lotus“I imagine if we fall down, get hurt and start bleeding…if we freak out, then what’s going to happen is our heart is going to beat faster, which will make our blood flow more, and our boo-boo is probably going to bleed more. But I imagine if we can practice our breathing, calm ourselves down…then our heart rate is going to slow down, which will make our blood flow less, and we’re probably not going to bleed as much.”
~ Jon, age 10

“Is it time for Mindfulness? I’ve missed you!”
~ Ali, age 8

“I used Mindfulness when I couldn’t fall asleep last night. I just lied in my bed and practiced my breathing and listened to the sounds outside my window. I was able to fall asleep easier.”
~ Emma, age 9

“I used mindful test taking for my really hard math test that I had yesterday. I know I did better on my test because of it.”
~ Sophia, age 12

“I practiced mindfulness before my play that I was in. I was nervous, and I just practiced my breathing, and I wasn’t as nervous when I got on stage.”
~ Sydney, age 9

“Thank you for teaching us about Mindfulness. I use the moody jar a lot. It really helps me calm down.”
~ Natalia, age 9

“Mindfulness is my favorite subject in school!”
~ Charlie, age 10

“After doing the body scan, I noticed that my fingers don’t hurt anymore. I realized that when I focused on the pain, it hurt worse, but when I focused on other parts of my body, the pain went away.” (Her fingers were taped up due to an injury.)
~ Olivia, age 11

“My sadness train has left the station.”
~ Grayson, age 7

“I was worrying about having to have a hard conversation with a friend where I was going to have to tell her something she wasn’t going to like. Now, after practicing mindfulness, I am not so worried about it.”
~ Sophia, age 9

Adult Testimonials

“The Mindful Parenting workshop was very helpful – as a parent and educator I appreciate all the insight and centering techniques.”
~ K. T.

“Thank you for the great conversation last night. You have an incredible gift/calling. Thank you for the tools, already being put into practice. I look forward to listening to you again.”
~ M. W.

“I loved your teachings today. It really spoke to how I used to live my life in SF. Seems l lost all mindfulness when I moved to Danville. I am hoping there is still room in your 6 week course. I would love to know you and learn from you.”
~ E. B.

“Thank you for having the session yesterday on mindfulness!! I had a very nice breathing session going home (I put your card on my steering wheel). Also – I ate my dinner with mindfulness.  I usually just stuff my face, but last night, I looked at the food, appreciated the food and ended up eating less because I took my time. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!  It is not often that you get a reminder AND a useful tool to make your life better.”
~ T. T.

“I wanted to thank you for the presentation by Joree yesterday on Mindfulness.  I attended as a skeptic, questioning whether it would actually be beneficial.  However, I felt amazing after leaving the seminar and it truly changed my outlook on the rest of the day.  I ended up working late due to an urgent matter that came up and still left the office smiling and feeling calm.  If there is any way for Joree to be integrated into Safeway’s Wellness programs on a regular basis I think it would be a wonderful addition.  She was incredible!”
~ N. C.

“I want to thank you for your wonderful introduction to Mindfulness for my Safeway colleagues and me. I know that the large group gained much from your discussion and the all too brief exercise. I truly benefited from that experience alone and want more.”
~ D. S.

“This was an awesome class with a very exceptional teacher!”
~ J. F.

“I was able to immediately apply what I learned.”
~ A. Z.

“Joree was phenomenal! Not only is she a knowledgeable and compassionate teacher, she has a teaching style that makes this the best class I’ve ever taken on the topic.”
~ T. U.

“This class was perfect. Joree has a way of teaching mindfulness that is not only interesting but she has great stories to relate to. Joree is an outstanding instructor!”
~ B. W.

“I am pleasantly surprised how mindfulness has me in every facet of life and is aligned with other beliefs of mine.”
~ P. U.

“Great class for everyone – offers new perspective about life; great for people who don’t even think they need it. Joree is a “special” teacher. She is awesome – gifted! Love the class!!!”
~ B. S.

“I would recommend this class because of the instructor’s breadth of knowledge and people skills.”
~ C. S.

“I love yoga and Pilates, but always thought meditation was too “woo-woo” for me…until today. I tried guided meditation for the first time today – I am fascinated!”
~ K. F.