About Joree

joree-homeJoree Rosenblatt has a Master’s in Counseling Psychology and is the founder of Mindfulness – Tools for Living, a company dedicated to bringing mindful awareness and tools to students, adults, parents, educators and corporate businesses. She has done extensive professional training in mindfulness, and has cultivated a deep personal practice. Joree speaks at numerous conferences on the cultivation and implementation of mindfulness into all aspects of life, and writes for several websites, including Huffington Post, Dot Complicated and Expert Beacon. Joree teaches her original mindfulness curriculum onsite in educational settings, leads faculty and staff development trainings, as well as runs Mindful Parenting programs onsite at schools and in the community. She also offers individual mindfulness sessions, group classes, corporate trainings and workshops. In addition to being the school counselor at Seven Hills School, a K-8 independent private school in Northern California, for the past 3 years, Joree has facilitated in-class mindfulness instruction to all the students.

Joree is the author of Take a Mindful Minute, a booklet designed for parents and kids to develop a joint practice in mindfulness. This beautifully designed booklet, featuring original photography by Joree, offers tools for parents to develop their own place of peace and balance, allowing them the ability to respond and not react, respect their child’s sovereign nature, and find moments to empathically and compassionately connect with their child. For kids, this booklet offers tools to develop a connection to their breath, which will help them develop awareness, gratitude, compassion and authenticity. For a free download of the booklet click here.

Joree lives in northern California with family, including her two daughters. She is passionate about being a mom, cooking, going on retreats and bringing mindfulness into all aspects of her life. She practices mindfulness on a daily basis, credits it to “changing her life” and giving her the tools to live authentically with greater peace, happiness and presence.