Emotional wellness is not the absence of struggle or things going wrong; it’s having the ability to know what to do when things are out of balance and the resources draw upon when you need more tools. Wellness implies that things always have to be positive, whereas balance can allow for both positive and negative experiences to be present, and knowing how to get to equilibrium. Cultivating and maintaining a mindfulness practice is the root of how to create wellness. I am here to help guide you in mindfulness being attainable, relatable and integratable. In this episode, I talk about how you can maintain presence, focus, attention, ability to make discerning decisions…Know that mindfulness is all about reducing your suffering regardless of what is arising…you’ll learn how to dodge the curveballs life throws you with greater wisdom, not with denial or judgment. At the root, observe without judgment, but judgments are tricky because they inform our values. The intention is to stay in the observer mind; stay in awareness, and practice equanimity, which is an evenness of mind, or in other terms, radical acceptance. Mindfulness is not something to add to your to-do list it is something you add to your to-be list; you integrate into your life, increase your quality of presence, and show up moment to moment in your life. It’s not rumination or what ifs…Join me at the end of October, for 5-day meditation challenge.

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