In this interview with Marci Nevin, we talk all things health, nutrition, fitness, healing yourself, mindfulness, self-discovery and all that evolves when we are on that path towards growth. When we are unhappy in our own lives and bodies, it can be easy to use food and exercise to feel better about yourself, though that may only solve a very small piece of where we are stuck. 


Marci’s bio: Marci is a health and wellness coach in Northern California. For the past 12 years she has worked with clients both in person and online, empowering them to rewrite the stories that no longer serve them and overcome the limiting beliefs that hold them back from  becoming the best versions of themselves. 


From a young age, Marci struggled with poor body image and low self worth, which manifested as disordered eating and exercise addiction later in life. She was always searching for something outside herself to make her feel whole and complete, not realizing that what she really needed was within her all along. 


As a result, she developed and autoimmune disease and additional health issues that compromised her quality of life. After years of struggling to get answers through traditional doctors, she began the journey of learning how to heal her body, mind, and spirit holistically. 


Today, Marci believes that self care, stress management, and daily mindset practices, along with proper nutrition and intelligent strength training, are at the foundation of people becoming their most authentic selves. She is passionate about sharing these tools to help others heal from their struggles so they can live balanced, fulfilled lives.  


You can find more of Marci’s work and learn about her services at and on Instagram @marcinevin

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