Who doesn’t love love? But loving love and wanting to bring love into your life does not always mean that you’re ready for the love you want to experience. In this conversation with Real Love Ready founder Robin Ducharme, we talk about all things love, specifically on the ways we strive to be better in relationships. Building relationship skills, being more vulnerable and understanding our partners from an aware place helps us to navigate the changing seasons of our own lives while also trying to see our partners from an emotionally aware place. Sometimes this is easier said than done, which is why love is not enough. If you are someone who seeks to cultivate or maintain an authentic and loving partnership, this episode is for you.

About Robin: Robin Ducharme is the founder of Real Love Ready, a platform devoted to nurturing connections in both romantic and non-romantic relationships while supporting personal growth.

Real Love Ready provides a joyful space for individuals to acquire essential relationship skills. Robin brings together world-class psychologists, therapists, and relationship coaches to offer guidance for deepening relationships and self-discovery.

Drawing from her experience as a professional matchmaker and love coach, Robin understands the transformative potential of relationships. Under her leadership, Real Love Ready connects a diverse community with relationship experts through various channels, including their weekly podcast, Let’s Talk Love and weekly  Instagram Live Q&A sessions. Each year, RLR hosts In Bloom, a large in-person (and virtual) Love & Relationship Summit in Vancouver, BC. Robin is dedicated to enriching lives and relationships, offering a path to lasting personal and interpersonal growth.

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