After going through a series of existential and health challenges, Holly Copeland turned to meditation to heal what she had gone through. Recovering from mold poisoning, feeling unfulfilled and disenchanted with a career she had been passionate about, and a marriage that wouldn’t last, she learned how to quiet her mind, and found the alignment and peace she’d been seeking. Turning this newfound personal growth into her new profession, Holly became a coach who helps her clients learn meditation through a nondual awareness approach so that they can know themselves as a fundamentally whole being, dissolving old patterns of the ego and coming into a “true-knowing” nature, which allows them to feel more open and free, with a lens of peace, acceptance and happiness to move through their lives. Holly also guides in breathwork to open chi and release energies, helping others delve into a state of transformation, allowing for reprogramming of old belief systems, along with Biofield Tuning, which clears the traumas and memories we hold in our vibrational field. If you are someone who wants to be inspired on how to be the source of their own healing and happiness through a variety of modalities, then this episode is for you.


About Holly: Holly’s passion lies in helping people discover what it means to step into the flow with life and live in joy and wellbeing while healing their mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Her background weaves certified training in the healing modalities of Breath of Love and Biofield Tuning with Human Potential Coaching, Reiki and Subtle Energy meditation.


With a deep connection to nature from her 25+ year career as a conservation scientist, she founded HeartMind Alchemy to unite ancient wisdom and modern science with three mind-body tools of meditative inquiry, breathwork and vibrational healing to empower clients on their path to human flourishing and upgrading from “ordinary mind” to awake awareness. She guides people out of the muddy waters of the thinking mind to live in flow joyfully and effortlessly from their own inner compass and stable ground of being. She offers vibrational sound healing sessions and coaching to facilitate physical and emotional healing for greater vitality and wellbeing.


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