Anyone who is in a relationship knows how difficult it can be to divide up the household and child responsibilities. Too often, inequity in partnership can lead to great frustration, build resentment and affect the quality of connection. In this episode, I talk with Zach Watson who is a content creator on the topic of fair play, which is equitable mental and emotional load, along with the benefit of sharing domestic responsibilities. He shares the factors that laid the foundation for an ease of sharing the responsibilities with his wife, including being raised by a mom who taught him to respect women, along with having an inherent interest and desire for personal growth and effective communication. Zach shares in detail the shifts he made when his wife was pregnant, including giving up drinking and wearing a weighted belt so that he could fully embrace and emulate her pregnancy experience, making it their joint pregnancy experience. This is an example of how a small inconvenience can lead to an increase in equity. If you are in a partnership that feels more like one partner is the project manager and the other is the employee, versus you both being like co-founders, and you’d like 


inspiration and tools to create a redistribution of workload and mental load, then this episode is for you.


About Zach:

Zach Watson is an Educational and personal Content creator on mental load and sharing domestic responsibilities

Tiktok: @zachthinkshare

IG: @realzachthinkshare


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