This powerful episode is for anyone who wants to be inspired on how to not be defined by their trauma or addictions and learn that cultivating a healthy – emotionally, mentally and physically – life is possible. I talk with one of my dearest friends, Kristen Fuller, a recovery coach who is passionate about helping people heal their trauma and addictions. Kristin very vulnerably shares her journey of surviving 3 different episodes of sexual abuse and how alcohol became her way to numb and cope with her pain. In December of 2020, her family intervened and confronted her alcoholism, which led her on the path to sobriety and more importantly healing the trauma she’s been carrying since she was 6 years old. If you have ever experienced a trauma, or suffer with addiction, or know someone who could benefit from Kristin’s story, then don’t miss this episode.


About Kristin: Kristin Fuller is the Founder of Forward Progression Coaching, and the Producer of the “Last Call With Kristin” podcast. She is a certified Recovery Coach, speaker, and facilitator. Her passion is devoted to helping others to process the grief and trauma that is causing them to turn to alcohol as a coping mechanism. By teaching people how to identify their values, learn healthy coping skills, and give them permission to put themselves first, she leads her clients to transformative and lasting change in their behaviors and habits. 


Kristin has a Bachelor’s in Psychology, and her coaching practice is trauma-informed. She is also in recovery from alcohol dependence, which has contributed to her mission to help women to heal without guilt or shame. She is a mother to two teenagers, an avid hiker, and practices yoga daily.

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