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As a marriage and family therapist and life coach, I tend to see common themes for why people come to work with me: disconnection and dissatisfaction in their relationships, feeling drained and depleted, and the same patterns showing up time and time again. As a result of these challenges it leaves people feeling frustrated, resigned, unhappy, unfulfilled, and ultimately stuck feeling that they aren’t able to be happy and live a satisfying life. Getting stuck in a negative mindset will only lead to continued negative outcomes, and it doesn’t have to be that way. Many people get stuck however on the “how?” In this episode, I dive deep into what these dynamics can look like along with the solutions for how to gain more agency so that you can have more satisfying and fulfilling relationships, starting with the relationship with yourself. If you are someone who knows that being happier is a possibility and that you want more peace, joy and resilience in your life, then this episode is for you. And here’s a teaser – there’s one simple practice you can do starting right now to create a shift in your life. I guarantee it!

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