What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of living your life with greater awareness, attention and intention. It is rooted in developing a deep connection to your breath, which continually draws you back into your present moment experience. When being mindful, you cultivate a non-judgmental attitude towards yourself and others, and strive towards demonstrating greater compassion for all beings.

rocksMindfulness is about meeting yourself where you are at and welcoming whatever is arising in the moment with openness and acceptance. This spaciousness allows you to notice what is and see things as “this, just this.” Not every problem needs to get solved. Not every situation necessitates over-dramatic inquiry. And not every negative emotion needs to be quickly swept away. By creating space and allowing your process to just be, allows it to continue to pass and run its natural course. When we hold onto things we get caught up, stuck and overly attached, all of which ultimately cause us suffering. But when are being mindful we learn to honor what is coming in, mindfully notice, allow and give it space, and then we let it go. It is then, in that skillful release, that we begin to experience peace, contentment and freedom. When practicing mindfulness there is no goal we are trying to achieve; there is no magical place or sensation we are striving to attain. Mindfulness truly is about the process and being awake to your life; the journey is the destination.

Mindfulness offers tools for living your optimal life. The greater ability you have to be present and aware – of yourself, your body, your thoughts, your emotions, the people around you, your choices, your intentions, the past or the future, your natural intuition, or whatever is arising in the moment – the more you are living consciously and authentically. This allows you to be in greater relationship to whatever arises in the moment and helps you live with greater presence, peace, calm and joy.