Personalized, private - individual or couples – mindfulness sessions

helpmeMindfulness, rooted in ancient contemplative, wisdom practice, is currently supported by medical science in the discovery of neuroplasticity. This means that you are able to use your mind to change your brain in terms of how you think, act and have control over your emotions. This combination of a time-tested practice, as well as scientific proof and tools, allows the possibility to live with more peace, calm and joy.


Combining a therapeutic approach with mindfulness tools, Joree will work with you in developing your own mindfulness practice. In 1½ hour sessions, we will explore how to let go of your past, not have anxiety about your future and how to live in the here and now with greater awareness, attention and intention. In developing a connection to your breath and its ability to heal, you will cultivate ways to use your mind to change your brain and your body. This allows you to get “unstuck” and live the life you want to be living. Individual sessions will provide you with the background and understanding of mindfulness, along with tools and experiential practice.


Developing a mindfulness practice in your relationship is a beautiful way to connect with your partner. Chances are you have picked the right person to be with, but the realities of crazy schedules, kids, extended family, household chores and work get in the way of maintaining an ongoing connection. This craziness of life is normal! The challenge is to see past the minutia of the details that get in the way and to be able to see what is at the core of the problem. Joree works with both of you in cultivating clear communication and developing compassion, empathy, and awareness of where the other is at, how you have grown apart and the ways to find your way back to each other. Acknowledging that the most constant thing is change is the first step of being present in your relationship. It will never again be the way it was when you met or before you had children. If you are constantly using those moments of yesteryear as the basis for your happiness today, you will find yourself in a place of feeling dissatisfaction and possibly resentment or anger. Joree will skillfully teach you how to let go of what was and appreciate what is. Being mindful with one another brings you to the here and now and will help you let go of past issues or resentment. This allows for beautiful growth, connection, love and understanding and will give you the tools to continue to build a solid foundation for your future.

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