lily-smallGroup mindfulness classes are a wonderful way to meet and connect with other like-minded people, while learning and engaging with the support of others around you. Quite often teachers learn from their students, and the same goes for a group. There is a lot of value in what organically arises, as well as in the sharing of other’s experiences, practices, tribulations, and triumphs. These classes are not designed to be a “group process” or “group therapy” – self-disclosure in any capacity is always completely discretionary. Each class varies in length, from one to two hours, and covers theory and background of mindfulness, with lots of time for practical application, practice, and processing.

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Introduction to Mindfulness

This one time, two-hour Introduction to Mindfulness class gives a broad overview on what mindfulness is and how to apply it to your daily life. You will learn how use the healing power of deep breathing, as well as the scientific proof as to the why and how of focusing on your breath can strengthen your mind/body connection. This practice reduces stress and decreases anxiety, and will teach you ways to be more present and calm in the midst of the daily chaos of life.

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Fundamentals of Mindfulness Level 1

In this 6-week course, you will learn the fundamental techniques of mindfulness which will allow you to cultivate the awareness to live your life with greater attention and intention. Each class is 1 hour and 15 minutes in length and will cover both the theory and practice of:

  • Mindful Breathing – developing a deep breathing practice, which will teach you how to use your breath to be in the present moment, naturally heal your body, increase your focus and attention and decrease your stress and anxiety.
  • Body Awareness – strengthening the mind/body connection heightens your awareness of bodily sensations and movements, as well as ways in understanding the innate wisdom and natural intuition your body possesses.
  • Sensory Experiences and Mindful Eating – practicing to pay more attention to what you see, hear, touch, smell and taste. A fun exercise of mindful eating is demonstrated in how to use all your senses in the experience of one single bite of food.
  • Gratitude and Compassion – understanding the science behind why focusing on gratitude and compassion can be an antidote to anger, frustration and sadness and actually rewire your brain towards happiness. Additionally, once you experience and embody compassion for yourself, the greater ability you have in developing compassion for others.
  • Mindfulness of Your Thoughts and Emotions – gaining the tools of “letting go” and not needing to engage in every thought that comes into your mind. You will learn to recognize where you get “hooked” and develop the skills to break those unskillful patterns of thinking, reacting and behaving. Similarly with your emotions, you will learn to non-judgmentally notice your current emotional state without needing for it to take over your whole being.
  • Mindful Communication with Others – utilize all the learned mindfulness tools in practicing how to communicate with awareness, with the goal of creating deeper connections. This means being present with the person you’re with, listening and responding with intention, noticing your thoughts, judgments and emotions that arise and truly having gratitude and compassionate qualities in response to the other person.

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Fundamentals of Mindfulness Level 2

This 6 week course, which meets for one hour, will deepen your practice. You will experience:

  • longer sessions of a “formal” practice
  • how to just “let it be”
  • an understanding of how we cause our own pain and suffering and ways to alleviate it
  • ways to strengthen your self-worth and overcoming obstacles
  • a deepening in the art of “letting go”
  • reconciling all the parts that make you who you are today – understanding your past, facing your present and planning for who you want to be in the future

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Mindful Parenting

This 6-week, 1 ½ hour course, draws upon the Fundamentals of Mindfulness with the addition of being a mindful parent. This begins by cultivating your own mindfulness practice and then using each and every moment with your child as an opportunity to practice. Being a mindful parent means lifting the veil of expectation of who you think your child is or who you want them to be, and parenting them for who they actually are. This course will give you the skills to respond rather than react, how to find joy and peace amidst the chaos and how to consciously parent in honoring your child’s own true nature.

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Joree is also available to accommodate a personalized schedule. If you would like to have an onsite class for your own group of friends or within your business or organization, please contact Joree.