bridgeIt has become a fast growing trend for companies to adopt an atmosphere of wellness for their employees. Studies have shown, counter to intuitive thinking, that allowing time during the day to slow down and actually not focus on work, actually increases work productivity. Many companies both large and small are bringing mindfulness into the workplace with onsite classes or courses. Providing tools to develop a mindfulness practice produces numerous benefits for both the employees and employers, such as:

  • increase in work productivity and efficiency
  • decrease of stress and anxiety
  • decrease in health-related work absences
  • decrease of health-care costs
  • opportunity for team building
  • increase of work/life balance
  • increase in company morale
  • increase of overall health and wellness

On-site “Lunch ‘n Learn” classes

Joree sometimes attends corporate lunches offering an hour of mindfulness to employers and employees. She also provides classes about using mindfulness in the workplace. These onsite classes provide tools, practices and opportunities to understand mindfulness and demonstrate how it can be related to both personal and professional lives. Joree offers a one-time Introduction Class, which gives a broad overview of mindfulness and focuses on deep breathing techniques. She also offers a 6-week Fundamentals of Mindfulness course, which covers areas such as mindful breathing, body awareness and movement, mindful eating, cultivating gratitude and compassion, mindfulness of thoughts and emotions, and mindful communication with others. Additionally, Joree sets up Mindful Meet-ups, which happen once a month and allow employees to drop in for a continuity of practice after the courses are complete.

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