Family Practice

MeditationPracticing mindfulness as a family is a beautiful opportunity to strengthen the connections, deepen experiences and cultivate a pattern of being open, communicative and present. Mindfulness is a way of being; it is not something you add to your to-do list and need to necessarily schedule time to do. Rather, it is the manner in which you live your life, the ways you respond to what is arising and how you relate to the people around you. It truly is living with a greater level of awareness and being intentional in your thoughts and actions. Below are examples of mindfulness practices that are fun and beneficial to do as a family:
~ mindful eating
~ keeping gratitude jar or gratitude journal
~ making a “moody jar” – adapted from Moody Cow Meditates by Kerry Lee MacLean
~ taking walks in nature – listen and see what is around you as if experiencing it for first time
~ cultivate a lovingkindness practice
“May you be healthy and strong; may you be happy; may you be peaceful”
~ doing nothing – just being together without digital distractions
~ slowing down
~ creating sacred space
~ acknowledging feelings and emotions without always having to solve them
~ being flexible and going with the flow – just let it be
~ having fun together
~ honoring differences