Being a Parent is a Selfless Act

Being a parent is a selfless act. I am going to make the assumption that most of us became parents because we wanted to. It is our choice, very well knowing that this 24/7 job comes with exponential amounts of love, though can offer very little amounts of daily return on our investment in the form of tangible evidence and validation that we are in fact succeeding. We plunge forward, do the best that we can, keep our unconditional love for our child at the forefront of our minds and … Continue reading Being a Parent is a Selfless Act

Take a Minute to Stop and Smell the Roses

We’ve all heard the cheesy old adage “just take a minute to stop and smell the roses.” I’m really not a fan of corny phrases; they tend to get so overused that they lose their meaning, and this one is no different. However, corniness aside, this phrase actually has a lot of validity and wisdom in it. We often move through life on autopilot; we go through life so quickly that we aren’t even aware of where we are, how we got here, what our conscious thoughts were to make … Continue reading Take a Minute to Stop and Smell the Roses

Teaching Kids How To Just Be

When kids are overexcited, in the middle of a temper tantrum, or having trouble with their homework parents often tell their kids to relax and calm down. When they are wiggling in their desks and having difficulty sitting still, teachers frequently say to their students just focus and pay attention. Or when children are too hyped up at the end of the day and just can’t fall asleep, exacerbated parents yell to their kids, just lie still and go to sleep. Parents and teachers are not wrong for wanting these … Continue reading Teaching Kids How To Just Be

There is No Rule Book for How to Parent

To loosely quote a line from the quintessential 1989 movie Parenthood, “You need a license to buy a dog, to drive a car – you even need a license to catch a fish. But they’ll let any a—hole be a father.” What Keanu Reeves’ character was pointing out is that there is no official training, no required education, no sanctioned guidelines and no formal rulebook for how to parent. During pregnancy women often take numerous classes and consult a plethora of resources for what to expect and how to create … Continue reading There is No Rule Book for How to Parent

Bubbles and Giggles: Reminders of How to be a Mindful Parent

I love spring. I love everything about it. The weather is perfect, my yard smells of blooming jasmine, the hot pink and white crepe myrtle trees are stunning and the bright, colorful flowers make me smile. And I love that spring is the yearly reminder, and promise, that after darkness comes light, renewal and rebirth. It’s too bad that both of my daughters hate it. Conceptually they like it, mostly because of their love for the resurgence of tank tops, flip flops and the allure of warm summer days to … Continue reading Bubbles and Giggles: Reminders of How to be a Mindful Parent

Are You Stressed Out?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with life, school, finding balance, and money or relationship issues? Do you ever experience sleep issues, headaches, stomachaches, muscle tension, anxiety or have high blood pressure? Chances are you are one of the approximate 70% of people who would have answered yes to at least one of those symptoms. According to Statistic Brain, 77% of people report experiencing physical symptoms caused by stress, while 73% of people report regularly experiencing psychological symptoms caused by stress. If you are in fact experiencing stress in your life, clearly … Continue reading Are You Stressed Out?

Learning to Accept Mistakes, Mix-Ups and Free Massages

It was the Friday afternoon of Valentine’s Day and I was heading into San Francisco for the weekend for the Wisdom 2.0 conference. I pulled into my hotel just with enough time to hear the opening address. As I’m checking into my hotel, I see a masseuse with her massage table walk into the lobby, and I thought to myself, “That’s cool! Someone is getting an in-room massage!” I am a self-proclaimed massage snob and all I ever really want is a massage. To me, it is the ultimate. While waiting, I strike up a … Continue reading Learning to Accept Mistakes, Mix-Ups and Free Massages

Get Unstuck and Live Your Authentic Life

We all have experienced it. Some of you may be experiencing it right now. Others of you have been experiencing it for so long that you not only think it is normal, but that it’s a destiny that you’re doomed to forever. What is this I am referring to? It is the sense of feeling stuck in your life. I’m not talking about literally being stuck in a physical sense, though, were that to happen you might experience similar emotional and mental reactions. What I’m really talking about is being … Continue reading Get Unstuck and Live Your Authentic Life

Mindful Parenting: Cultivate Greater Awareness, Presence and Joy

Mindfulness is the practice of being in the present moment and living your life with greater awareness, attention and intention. Using deep breathing techniques to root you to the here and now, mindfulness offers the tools to stop ruminating over the past and fearing the future, thus allowing yourself to greet each moment with non-judgmental awareness and compassion. This means having the ability to notice what is arising in the moment and then letting it go. You can see your thoughts and feelings exist just as they are without over … Continue reading Mindful Parenting: Cultivate Greater Awareness, Presence and Joy

Stop Multitasking and Start Being Present

Cultivate A Mindfulness Practice! Our lives are so busy and we attempt to do it all! We are constantly in a juggling act between school, homework, jobs, family, friends, relationships, exercise and personal time. Often we are successful in getting through many items on our to-do list, however, merely crossing off an item doesn’t mean you were actually paying attention or engaged with it! Chances are, due to limited hours in the day and feeling overwhelmed with responsibility, you have fallen into a pattern of multitasking. At first, there doesn’t … Continue reading Stop Multitasking and Start Being Present