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Unwrapping Childhood

If you have a kid who likes getting presents, then you are going to be able to relate to this… You know how when it’s the holidays, or your kid’s birthday, and there is a stack of gifts…and soon after the child is allowed to start opening, there is a flurry of wrapping paper strewn across the room without so much as a glance at what was actually inside the wrappings? What’s up with that? I think that I might start actually wrapping empty boxes because it truly does seem … Continue reading Unwrapping Childhood

Growing Up Is So Hard!

My 10-year-old daughter is going through the inevitable transformation to awareness that eventually, all kids undergo: the realization that the world extends much further beyond the comfort of home and that it can sometimes be a scary place. I really feel for her — with awareness comes with challenges, which now is resulting in anxiety When I was a kid, I could never sleep over a friend’s house because I got homesick; I’d call my mom at 2 a.m., and every time, she’d come and get me. What a great … Continue reading Growing Up Is So Hard!

Bubbles and Giggles: Reminders of How to be a Mindful Parent

I love spring. I love everything about it. The weather is perfect, my yard smells of blooming jasmine, the hot pink and white crepe myrtle trees are stunning and the bright, colorful flowers make me smile. And I love that spring is the yearly reminder, and promise, that after darkness comes light, renewal and rebirth. It’s too bad that both of my daughters hate it. Conceptually they like it, mostly because of their love for the resurgence of tank tops, flip flops and the allure of warm summer days to … Continue reading Bubbles and Giggles: Reminders of How to be a Mindful Parent

Get Unstuck and Live Your Authentic Life

We all have experienced it. Some of you may be experiencing it right now. Others of you have been experiencing it for so long that you not only think it is normal, but that it’s a destiny that you’re doomed to forever. What is this I am referring to? It is the sense of feeling stuck in your life. I’m not talking about literally being stuck in a physical sense, though, were that to happen you might experience similar emotional and mental reactions. What I’m really talking about is being … Continue reading Get Unstuck and Live Your Authentic Life