Raise Your Hand if You Wish Parenting Came with a Rule Book!

Almost everything you buy comes with instruction manual. Even the super obvious items, like a blow dryer or a water bottle, have directions for use, care, cleaning, and tips for optimal functioning. And whenever I see these instructions, I always feel a bit like, “Do the makers of this think I’m an idiot?! Of course I know to plug the blow dryer in before use, and to not use it while taking a bath!” And yet, one of the most important things you’ll ever acquire in your life comes with … Continue reading Raise Your Hand if You Wish Parenting Came with a Rule Book!

Proven Antidotes to Holiday Stress

The holiday season is never as easy, peaceful and joyous as we hope or expect it to be. And while there is a plethora of wonderful and joyous moments during this time of year, sometimes we are even too stressed to notice or appreciate them. Additionally, I know that this election season has added an unprecedented degree of stress with the unknowns of our political future. But stress is stress, regardless of its source. It has serious implications on your mind and body, and can be difficult to manage, especially … Continue reading Proven Antidotes to Holiday Stress

To Everything There is a Season

I love Fall! I love the smell of the mornings, warm afternoons turning into cool evenings, and the changing colors of the falling leaves. Even the mess of leaves on my patio and in my pool, which can be frustrating, is a reminder of this season which is all about letting go and change. While there is 100% certainty that the trees will become barren, I am also confident in their ability to sprout something new and beautiful in just a few short months. This cyclical cadence is a great … Continue reading To Everything There is a Season

Mindfulness Helps You Manage Difficult Emotions

Just as the acclaimed Pixar movie Inside Out demonstrated, all emotions are not only necessary and part of the human experience, but they each show up in our lives at different times. It is very common to want to disregard or ignore “negative” emotions, such as anger, sadness, depression or anxiety, as undesirable and therefore something that we just push aside and ignore. But just as when we sweep all the proverbial junk under the rug, discounting or denying these difficult emotions doesn’t actually make them go away; eventually as … Continue reading Mindfulness Helps You Manage Difficult Emotions

Unwrapping Childhood

If you have a kid who likes getting presents, then you are going to be able to relate to this… You know how when it’s the holidays, or your kid’s birthday, and there is a stack of gifts…and soon after the child is allowed to start opening, there is a flurry of wrapping paper strewn across the room without so much as a glance at what was actually inside the wrappings? What’s up with that? I think that I might start actually wrapping empty boxes because it truly does seem … Continue reading Unwrapping Childhood

Find the Joy Amidst the Chaos During the Holiday Season

Last year I saw a very poignant quote posted on Facebook regarding Black Friday. It said, “Because only in America, people trample others for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have.” The irony of this quote struck me. With of all the craziness we invite into our lives during the holidays, it is easy to lose site of the meaning behind the holiday we are celebrating. What’s ideally supposed to be a season of focusing on family, gratitude, giving, creating memories, and (for many families) … Continue reading Find the Joy Amidst the Chaos During the Holiday Season

Don’t Make a New Year’s Resolution!

The New Year…it’s that quintessential time to reflect on the past, look towards the future, and probe deep inside with a lens of self-inquiry, introspection and honesty. It’s the season to make resolutions for all the things we want to change, do better, let go of, or fix about ourselves so we can achieve a healthier state of mind, body and soul. There is only one problem with New Year’s resolutions…they usually never work! According to website Statistic Brain, 45% of people make resolutions but only 8% of people are … Continue reading Don’t Make a New Year’s Resolution!

Reap the Benefits of Bringing Awareness to Everyday Moments

As I sit at my kitchen table, writing this article, I look outside my window and see the most beautiful hot pink oleanders and crepe myrtle trees lining my backyard. The colors are so bright and vibrant that I can’t help but smile and feel grateful for the opportunity to look at something so beautiful every day. As I observe, with gratitude and awareness, of what is going on around me, my experience gets heightened. Ordinary moments turn into extraordinary ones because I am simply paying attention and noticing the … Continue reading Reap the Benefits of Bringing Awareness to Everyday Moments

The Solution to Moms’ Love-Hate Relationship with Summer

Moms have a love–hate relationship with summer. There is less carpooling, no making of lunches (unless they have to bring a lunch to camp, of course) and no dealing with that horrible 5 o’clock witching hour of both you and your child having a meltdown over homework. (I am definitely not smarter than a 5th grader!) Summer promises long days, warm nights, popsicles, swimming, vacations, time to relax and not having to be out of the house at 8am. However, ironically, summer brings a whole new set of stresses to moms: … Continue reading The Solution to Moms’ Love-Hate Relationship with Summer

Growing Up Is So Hard!

My 10-year-old daughter is going through the inevitable transformation to awareness that eventually, all kids undergo: the realization that the world extends much further beyond the comfort of home and that it can sometimes be a scary place. I really feel for her — with awareness comes with challenges, which now is resulting in anxiety When I was a kid, I could never sleep over a friend’s house because I got homesick; I’d call my mom at 2 a.m., and every time, she’d come and get me. What a great … Continue reading Growing Up Is So Hard!