A Mindful Minute

My Everyday Mindfulness

I took my first mindfulness class a few years ago. Truth be told, I knew nothing about mindfulness when I signed up. Though serendipity led me to attend a 6-week introduction class, I was unaware that I was being cosmically led down a path that was going to change my life. But I showed up. That really is the biggest part of how we make change in our life; by simply showing up. Opportunities are around us constantly and either we are too distracted, too blind or unaware to notice … Continue reading My Everyday Mindfulness

Live Your Authentic Life

We all have experienced it. Some of you may be experiencing it right now. Others of you have been experiencing it for so long that you not only think it is normal, but that it’s a destiny that you’re doomed to forever. What is this I am referring to? It is the sense of feeling stuck in your life. I’m not talking about literally being stuck in a physical sense, though, were that to happen you might experience similar emotional and mental reactions. What I’m really talking about is being … Continue reading Live Your Authentic Life

Don’t Change That Radio Station!

Do you ever have the experience of being in your in your car listening to the radio, and even though a good song comes on that you like, you still shuffle through the other five pre-set stations, only to land back on the original one you started at? There are a few things I find interesting about this phenomena of constantly switching radio stations (or similarly, flipping through TV channels). One, is that we tend to experience FOMO – Fear of Missing Out, or the thought of: “Even though I … Continue reading Don’t Change That Radio Station!

Give Your Presence as Your Present

Regardless of your religious background or which family traditions flank your household during the Holiday Season, there is a ton of gift giving this time of year. First you agonize over which perfect gift to buy in the hope it will be loved, used and valued. Then there’s the mad rush of crazed, last minute shopping, dealing with long lines of generally frustrated cashiers and customers, over-crowded department stores blaring holiday music and of course, spending too much money. So, we give the present, most often in the midst of … Continue reading Give Your Presence as Your Present

Body Image – The Practice of Accepting What Is

There is a great article floating around social media telling moms to get over their body issues, put their bathing suit on, and get out and play this summer with their kids. It’s a wonderful message, with all the reminders of what is really important in life – our kids, making memories and being present. However, the things that are not as important, such as our untoned bodies, cellulite and tummy rolls seem to be what rules not only our self-concept, but in choosing what activities we do, along with … Continue reading Body Image – The Practice of Accepting What Is

Let Go of Expectations and Accept What is Arising in the Moment

It was the Friday afternoon of Valentine’s Day and I was heading into San Francisco for the weekend for the Wisdom 2.0 conference. I was so looking forward to being at the conference, for my 2nd year in a row, and was anxious to see how the weekend would unfold, who I would connect with and what great wisdom I would walk away with. I made it into the City in perfect timing, having just taught a Mindful Parenting class, and pulled into my hotel just with enough time to … Continue reading Let Go of Expectations and Accept What is Arising in the Moment

be happy

I’ve been craving connection: deep, spiritual, meaningful, mindful, authentic connections in my life. Recently the universe has brought some women into my life that fit this bill. From a variety of avenues, my path has crossed theirs at the exact perfect time. So what could seem more fitting to my soul and intentions than to bring these women together for a night of connection and exchange of energies? Of course, this just so happened to coincide with the Super Moon and on the eve of the Chinese New Year. I … Continue reading be happy

Standing in Line at the Post Office: Opportunity to Practice Mindfulness

After leaving work yesterday, December 19, I called my mom on my way to the post office. Telling her where I was headed, she replied with an exasperated “Ugh! Good luck – the lines are soooo long right now!” I hadn’t thought much of it; it was a chore I needed to do, and it was going to be what it was going to be. But now, based on her reaction, I was beginning to dread this quick errand of buying some stamps and sending a small package. I was … Continue reading Standing in Line at the Post Office: Opportunity to Practice Mindfulness

Overcoming Transparency

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to speak at a conference in LA called SureFire Girls. It was a day for high school girls to feel empowered, to be their best self and to know that they in fact are going to be “SureFire!” in their lives. I was speaking at the parallel conference for mothers (other speakers included Randi Zuckerberg and Betti DeGeneres) on Mindful Parenting – how to develop your own mindfulness practice while simultaneously acknowledging your child’s own sovereign nature and parenting to who your child actually … Continue reading Overcoming Transparency

A Mindful Minute

Welcome to A Mindful Minute, a blog about bringing mindfulness into your everyday life. I have a passion for mindfulness and will share the many ways that I incorporate it into my day, and the ways that you can too! I promise you, you don’t need to have any prior experience of mindfulness, meditation, yoga or Buddhism in order to live a mindful life. Some people out there will probably disagree with those assertions and I’m okay with that…There are millions of secular applications of mindfulness that don’t require one to fit into any … Continue reading A Mindful Minute