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Welcome to A Mindful Minute, a blog about bringing mindfulness into your everyday life. I have a passion for mindfulness and will share the many ways that I incorporate it into my day, and the ways that you can too! I promise you, you don't need to have any prior experience of mindfulness, meditation, yoga or Buddhism in order to live a mindful life. Some people out there will probably disagree with those assertions and I’m okay with that…There are millions of secular applications of mindfulness that don’t require one to fit into any religious, social or political category. I believe that if you’re going to be successful at cultivating a mindfulness practice, you’ve got to meet yourself where you’re already at. Wherever you are is exactly where you as supposed to be and it is the best platform from which to begin.

photo 16So, in the spirit of mindfulness, I encourage you to start seeing each moment as an opportunity to be present, without judgment and without an attachment to a particular outcome. I am here to guide you, gently and at your own pace, in developing a practice that has the power to change your life for the better. There is a reason it is called a mindfulness practice – that’s because we never quite get there. We are always practicing...but we honor the Buddha within each of us, as having the potential to live with wakefulness, awareness, and compassion. And so, we keep breathing with awareness; that all powerful and healing breath draws us back into the present moment and allows us the ability to respond and not react to whatever is arising. So, as you begin your practice (or maybe if you’ve already got one and just need some reminders) I want you to always remember to take a minute and Just Breathe.

2 thoughts on “A Mindful Minute

  1. Joree, loved your blog. It is so enriching for us to hear about your personal experiences and how you apply mindfulness to your life. ITs helpful to hear the personal, everyday experiences of life and how this practice can change the way we hold it all!!!!
    Thanks for being such a support at our school.

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